Tasty Middle Eastern street food at Fafa’s in Covent Garden

Today it’s time for some delicious Middle Eastern Street food at Fafa’s. Perched on a corner in Covent Gardens Seven Dials area, it’s a stylish and buzzy little establishment with a constant stream of customers.

What’s on the menu

There’s a mix of freshly filled pitas, salads and mezze boxes with the fresh ingredients cooked and prepared on site. The mezze boxes are substantial and packed with a mix of delicacies to create a healthy and satisfying lunch.

Their base includes hummus, aubergine, broccoli, beets, cauliflower, matbucha, tabbouleh, pickles, tahini, almonds and chilli. How’s that for an exotic and delicious combo? We also opted to add extra shrimps to one and extra chicken to the other.

Fafas: mezze with shrimps
Delicious, exotic mezzo topped with fresh, hot shrimp
Fafas: Mezzo box with chicken
Or go for the chicken option

There’s also a range of tasty sides including these fabulous halloumi strips. Crispy on the outside with that lovely halloumi squeak. Served with a spicy tzatziki and Harissa dip.

Fafas: halloumi
Tasty, squeaky halloumi strips
Fafas: dip
Cooling tzatziki and spicy Harissa

Fafa’s also has a fridgeful of fascinating beverages. Like this alcoholic soda with flavours of raspberry.

Fafas: soda
Love trying out a new beverage

Or how about a pink cider?

Fafas: cider
Cider to snout about by orchard pig.co.uk

Fafa’s is set on the corner of Monmouth Street just off Shaftesbury Avenue. Most of the customers opted for takeaways while we were there, in addition there are a few stools inside to sit and eat.

Fife's: the shop
The welcoming front door of Fafa’s

Today’s price point

And finally, here’s what you can expect to spend.

Mezzo boxes with chicken or shrimp cost £10.

In addition salads start from £8.

And sides are £3.50.

Fafa’s is at 1 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden WC2.

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