Recipe: Brown shrimps on toast, with a twist

There are nights (and plenty of them) when I simply can’t muster up the enthusiasm to cook. Sometimes all I have energy for is rummaging through my fridge and cupboards to see what would make an acceptable light dinner snack.

Okay, I am very lucky in that I often have a lot of exciting stuff in stock. Today I had a packet of the most delicious-looking brown shrimps in the fridge. I then remembered my jars of Peruvian paste and a tasty dinner of shrimps on toast was conceived of.

If you don’t have Peruvian paste (which I realise is likely), try mixing a bit of tabasco and ketchup with your mayo or experiment with other combos (wasabi is also good).

brown shrimp

Serves 2

A small baguette, sliced on the diagonal

6 slices of cucumber

90g brown shrimps

3 tbsps mayonnaise

1 tbsp La Latina Pasta de Aji Amarillo (yellow pepper paste).

Lightly toast the bread.

Mix the mayo and the pepper paste together.

Spread thickly over the toast.

Top with cucumber and then a generous portion of brown shrimps.

Serve with crisp lettuce and cherry tomatoes.


You can buy these fantastic pastes and other Peruvian products from Viva Peru. I’ve started experimenting using them with different foods, mixed with either mayo or creme fraiche. Really good with all sorts of fish – salmon, smoked salmon, mackerel, prawns and also for spicing up a chicken mayo salad or simply spread on sandwiches instead of mustard or pickle. What a difference it makes having a range of condiments in the house. A deliciously satisfying dinner needn’t be complicated or time-consuming if you have great ingredients at hand.

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