Let’s drink…Tasty Greek Mountain Tea from Urbangrains

Last year I visited Greece for the first time (I know, very remiss of me!) and fell totally in love with everything Greek. The magical light, the dazzling blue-and-whiteness, the welcoming people, the breathtaking scenery and the delicious food. And that’s just to get started.

Travel certainly increases my thirst for knowledge, instead of answering my questions I find it makes me think of more. Or is that just me? Anyway, other than going back to Greece ASAP, my other option is to explore more of the country through its produce. Which is a marvellous goal to have.

So imagine how delighted I was to discover Urbangrains. This family-run business sells the  most amazing artisan, often unusual, foods from Greece. Their mission is to get the best-tasting products while also making the least possible impact on the planet. Today I’m drinking their Mountain Tea, also known as Sideritis.

Sideritis comes from a flowering plant that is indigenous to Greece. This you can tell as the dried stems look so beautiful and have an intoxicating floral aroma.

The stems of Sideritis are pretty as a picture!

The plant is collected wild from the mountains of Pindos in northern Greece at an altitude of 1200 metres and processed by hand. It’s packed with all sorts of good things like flavenoids and essential oils. It’s said to aid digestion, strengthen the immune system, help with colds and allergies and it’s also an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Rather an exceptional plant, really. And the herbal tea it makes tastes wonderful, too.

Simply pour boiling water over a few stems, let stand for 3 or 4 mins and drink. You can add a drop of honey, a stick of cinnamon or a slice of lemon to enhance the taste, but I like to drink it as it is, it’s perfect that way. My advice is to make a potful, like I did, I guarantee you will polish the whole lot off.

The tea turns out this lovely golden colour
The boxes of tea waiting to be unwrapped and enjoyed


A wonderful new discovery that’s becoming a regular part of my diet – banish those allergies! My love affair with Greece continues…

For more information and to order, visit www.urbangrains.net

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