Chocolate delight from Beech’s

Easter may be over for another year but does that mean you must step away from the chocolate? Surely not? Well, here’s your perfect excuse to tuck back into it. Something new and chocolatey with a difference.

Beech’s have been making traditional chocolate in Britain since 1920 . New to their range for 2014 are these tasty bars. Dark chocolate lime and chilli; Dark chocolate ginger and Milk chocolate Anglesey sea salt. As I recently had guests for dinner I shared the treat of tasting them.

The clear favourite of the night was the Milk with Anglesey sea salt, beautifully creamy with a subtle salty after taste that didn’t offend even the most salt-averse of people, my husband.

The lime and chilli had an amazing limey aroma as soon as I opened the packaging, and the chilli flavour came through at the end. Certainly a different type of chocolate experience.

Again the ginger aromas were fab, though the flavours were very subtle, maybe too much so for my ginger-loving taste.

If you like dark chocolate (which I do think is something of an acquired taste), these bars should certainly become part of your repertoire. If not, stock up on the milk…you can’t go wrong.

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Here are some fascinating Easter facts to mull over while you savour your chocolate.

Easter Day falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon in March but it’s some sort of theoretical moon that doesn’t quite match the one we can see. How confusing is that?

Anyway, all you need to know is that Easter Sunday may fall on any date between March 22 and April 25, making this year’s Easter almost as late as it can be.

According to the UK ate 38 million hot cross buns this Easter, which means the average person ate 0.6 of a bun. I felt very ashamed on reading this as am personally responsible for polishing off at least 4 (that I’m admitting to)…I LOVE hot cross buns.

We give eggs at Easter because they symbolise joy and celebration and life returning in spring.

Ten per cent of the annual spending on chocolate in the UK takes place over Easter. Is it me or does that seem low?

In the US where jelly beans are clearly an Easter favourite, it is estimated that 16 billion of them are eaten at Easter.

76% of people eat the ears on chocolate bunnies first, well, seems a logical place to start.

Happy chocolate eating, whatever the season!

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