Exotic brunch at The Good Egg in Soho

Today I’m whisking you back to one of my favourite areas in London, Soho. And we’re heading for a ┬ápre-shopping brunch – gotta keep your strength up when you’re on for some Oxford Street retail therapy.

The Good Egg nestles in the corner of Kingly Court which is a stunning restaurant area just off the top of Carnaby Street. Or should that be the bottom? Anyway, it’s the end near Broadwick Street. Opened by three friends in 2013, The Good Eggs (there are two of them in London) celebrate the cuisine of Tel Aviv’s street food stalls. You can enjoy the floors of the Middle East and food from classic Jewish delis.

Our original plan was for coffee but we were so wowed by the amazing food on offer we just couldn’t resist. To start we shared his pumpkin, feta and chilli boreka which was served with pickles, tahini and egg. A boreka is a little puff pastry pocket with a tasty filling – so light and delicious and what a great combo pumpkin, feta and chilli are. This was my first boreka ever – feel I need to be making up for lost time!

The Good Egg: borekas
Now this is a beautiful brunch

Beautiful bagels

Of course there are a selection of bagels on offer, as you’d expect. This Jerusalem bagel came covered in what they described as the “house everything seasoning” and was served with a cream cheese mixture. Love a good bagel and this was certainly right up there.

The Good Egg: bagel
The freshest of bagels with classic cream cheese

The coffees were exceptionally good too. And there’s also tempting brunch cocktails (not a good idea if you’re going shopping so I resisted).

The Good Egg: latte
A frothy latte to get the day off to a good start

And the cakes! A babka is a cake made from a doubled and twisted length of yeast dough and in this case has an apple and pistachio filling. So beautiful. You can even order your own celebration babka in advance.

The Good Egg: babka
Delightful apple and pistachio babka

The Good Egg is welcoming and warm with its delightful aromas and friendly service. And they serve something called the Jerusalem breakfast for two. Now if anything’s going to motivate me to go shopping in Oxford Street that is!

The Good Egg: room
The spacious room in Kingly Court

The Good Egg is at Kingly Court in Soho. There is also one in Stoke Newington.

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