A great new deli discovery: The Pantry

How many times have I said it? There’s always something happening in London. And today it’s a visit to a fabulous new deli in Cheam called The Pantry. Cheam is in the London borough of Sutton, just on the edge of Surrey. I’d never been there before but a short train journey from Clapham Junction and there I was in charming Cheam Village.

A bit of history. Cheam is probably most famous for Nonsuch Park and Nonsuch Palace which was Henry VIII’s last and most fantastic palace. Building began in 1538 at the start of the 30th year of his reign. The palace stood for generations until  Charles II gave it to his favourite mistress (yes his favourite one, not sure how many he had!), Barbara Villiers, who gambled herself badly into debt. In 1682 Charles allowed her to demolish the building and sell the materials to raise money. So Nonsuch Palace is no more! Those Kings and their mistresses, huh!

The latest addition to this historic part of London is The Pantry, the brainchild of local boy, Neil Berry, which opened last Monday, so it’s very new. You heard it here first.

The Pantry is in charming Cheam Village

It’s such a treasure trove, one of those places where you need to explore the shelves and fridges carefully and you’re bound to come away with a bagful of deliciousness.

There’s plenty of cheese like the award-winning Montgomery cheddar and a delectable Manchego with rosemary, the best chorizo ever and amazing olives from Spain, Sussx meats (like ribeye steaks), terrines (like duck, pear and pistachio), guest wines and beers and fresh bread. Plus you’ll find other great products from Italy and Spain, curry sauces and pastes and even a mouth-watering selection of sandwiches. You won’t find any of this stuff in your local supermarket, making it a unique shopping experience without the schlep of heading in to Borough Market.

The service is friendly and welcoming and the lovely ladies behind the counter couldn’t be more helpful or enthusiastic about the array of tempting products. Most of which you can taste before you buy – a sure fire way to get the juices going!

the pantry1

Cheese, glorious cheese

And with Christmas coming up (yes, it is nearly November after all), there are exciting hampers available, too.

Treat friends to a special hamper for Christmas
Treat friends to a special hamper for Christmas

My foodie journey of discovery around London has lead me to yet another little gem. Lucky me…and lucky you, residents of Cheam, with an exciting new place to shop.

The Pantry is at 21 Station Way, Cheam


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