Great foodie shopping at Cape Town’s Oranjezicht Market

Today we’re heading to beautiful Granger Bay close to Cape Town’s Waterfront. How I love a food market and the Oranjezicht farmers market is absolutely fabulous. It’s a community farmers-style market for independent local farmers and artisanal food producers that’s set overlooking the sparkling sea.

There’s plenty of seating where you can relax and munch on the many dishes available and a wide range of stalls to delight. The tempting displays definitely make me buy more, but as I love everything I’ve bought there that’s really not a problem.

Oranjezicht farmers market
The market looks out over the azure sea

As you walk in you’re greeted by a fabulous floral display, include vibrant bunches of perfect proteas – South Africa’s national flower.

Oranjezicht farmers market
Beautiful bunches of proteas to take home

Fresh produce

This has got to be the best place in Cape Town to stock up on all the fresh stuff you’re going to need for your week. The fruit and vegetable displays are stunning and everything is of the highest quality. Boxes of fresh figs, massively juicy watermelons, plump grapes, carrots in myriad shades, tomatoes, chillis, herbs, leaves, garlic…well, pretty much whatever that’s seasonal and delicious. Make sure you take a bag – you’re not going to be able to carry it all if you don’t! I think I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Oranjezicht farmers market
Chillis in different shapes, sizes and colours
Oranjezicht farmers market
How’s this for a vegetable display…almost makes me want to become vegetarian
More chillis to add spice to your life
A fresh herb selection and beans that are purple and yellow
Oranjezicht farmers market
Heirloom tomatoes – juicily bursting with flavour
A table full of squash is a work of art
Oranjezicht farmers market
Love the pink oyster mushrooms…and you can even grow your own
Some of the wonderful fruit on offer

There’s also plenty of great-quality meat, cheese, bread, fish and sauces available.

Snacking opportunities and takeaways

As well as all the fresh produce there’s so much to tuck into at once to keep your shopping strength up – or to take home for later feasting. Baked goods, fresh bread, samosas, sushi, pies, wraps, Vietnamese rolls, eggs Benedict, steak rolls in many forms, bacon and egg croissants,’s astounding. Here’s a small selection of what’s on offer.

Oranjezicht farmers market
You’ll find plenty of sweet treats to indulge in
Perfect little pies made in a muffin pan
Oranjezicht farmers market
The sweetest and most custardy of Portuguese custard tarts
Oranjezicht farmers market
The chefs are busy with bacon and potato rosti
Oranjezicht farmers market
The colourful sushi selection is described with passion
The prettiest of plants are also on display
Oranjezicht market
There’s a lot of eating on the go happening here

This is some market – seriously, I could go every week and take a batch of pictures like this showcasing different products – there’s so much on offer here. My advice is to go and see for yourself – and go soon, cos you’re going to want to go back again and again.

You’ll find the Oranjezicht City Farm Market at Granger Bay Boulevard, V&A Waterfront, Cape town.

It is open every Saturday from 9am to 2pm.

Read more about the Oranjezicht City farm by clicking here.



  1. Fabulous ..foodie heaven! The proteas are stunning! In Tanzania we get over excited when we can find a butternut! Great photos

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