Tasty classic French dishes at Boulevard Brasserie

It’s time to head back into Covent Garden to continue enjoying our steamy London summer. Boulevard Brasserie is in what is known as Covent Garden’s Opera District, you’re sitting directly opposite the Opera House just off the iconic piazza.

There’s a lovely mix of sophisticated French classics and summery dishes to choose from in a welcoming, buzzing brasserie.

What’s on the menu

I adore asparagus and find it hard to resist when I see it on the menu. Today’s luscious green spears were served cold with pea shoots and incredible truffle mayonnaise. My idea of a starter made in heaven.

Boulevard Brasserie: asparagus

Delightful summer asparagus

The classic French onion soup was beautifully rich and sweet and packed with cheesy gruyere croutons. Almost a meal in itself.

Boulevard Brasserie: French onion soup

Sweet French onion soup and cheesy croutons

It took a while, but I eventually decided to go for this fabulous pork dish. The grilled pork chop was served with chorizo jam and baby spinach. All on top of an apple, prune and new potato salad with wholegrain mustard dressing. An incredibly tender and tasty pork chop (and pretty large too) topped with delightfully spicy chorizo jam. Chorizo jam – yummy – got to make some myself soon.

Boulevard Brasserie: pork chop

Beautifully tender pork chop with delicious sauces

The classic bouf bourguignon came in a steaming cast iron pot. Delightfully braised beef cooked in red wine with lardons and mushrooms and served with buttery mash.

Boulevard Brasserie: Bourguignon

The comfort of a rich French-style stew

Boulevard Brasserie: mash potato

Irresistible buttery mash

Another classic, this time for pudding. It’s hard to beat the buttery (more butter) lusciousness of a tarte tatin with its beautifully sweet and tart apples topped with creamy vanilla ice cream.

Boulevard Brasserie: tarte tatin

Sweet and buttery tarte tatin with ice cream

The French really know their cheese. And I loved the fact that there was an individual cheese option on the menu as I didn’t think I could manage a whole cheeseboard. So I enjoyed my (not insubstantial) portion of tongue-tingling roquefort, served with biscuits and apple chutney.

Boulevard Brasserie: roquefort

The creamy saltiness of roquefort

Boulevard Brasserie is one of those warm and comforting places with great classic food that you’d happily go back to again and again. Another Covent Garden favourite to savour.

Today’s price point

Our three-course dinner for two cost £64.

Red and white wine starts from £21 a bottle, rose from £24 and cocktails are £9.95.

Boulevard Brasserie is at 40 Wellington Street, Covent Garden WC2.

Lunch at Frenchie, a lovely new Covent Garden opening

The eating opportunities continue to grow in Covent Garden with more and more deliciousness to enjoy. Frenchie, Covent Garden gives Londoners the chance to try chef Gregory Marchand’s fabulous menu. He hails from Paris where he has a restaurant, wine bar, takeaway and wine shop in the Rue du Nil in the 2nd arrondissement. Frenchie is the name Jamie Oliver gave to him when he ran the kitchen at 15 in Shoreditch.

It’s a lovely modern, bright room with friendly, welcoming service. The menu offers starters (generous enough for sharing), mains and desserts, as well as a five-course Carte Blanche menu.

We pretty instantly spotted four dishes we couldn’t resist so shared them for the table. I love asparagus (I know, I’ve said it before) and the white type is a particular treat. Served here with parmesan and puffed barley, it was a true masterpiece and a dish I could eat every day.


Beautiful fresh white asparagus

Plump smoked anchovies were served with Neal’s Yard salted butter and shallots.These silken, smoked treasures are some of the best anchovies around and perfect served simply with toast, butter and lemon juice.


Smoky and succulent anchovies

I’m loving all the pea dishes around this year. Here we have burrata with a fresh pea pesto and pecorino cheese. The creaminess of the burrata combines with the sweetness of the peas to create a real taste explosion. And dishes rarely look this beautiful either…simply wonderful.


A stunning and delicious plate of green-ness

The squid came in a more-ish broth with home-made harissa and carrots. Wonderfully tender squid with a silky sauce with real depth.


A delicately smooth squid dish

This is the kind of restaurant I can picture myself whiling away plenty of hours in. And you can also eat at the bar, now that’s going to be hard to resist this summer.

Frenchie is at 16 Henrietta Street, just off Covent Garden Piazza.

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