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The joy of food shopping in Spain: First the fish

I love food shopping…all kinds. I’d happily do it for other people if they’d pay me enough! I know, it is kind of weird, but even a trawl around the supermarket at home is enjoyable for me. So imagine how excited I get when I’m abroad! I seem to take as many photographs as products […]

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We treated ourselves to Dinner by Heston

Well, having been totally unimpressed by the fact that I had only been to three of the restaurants voted in the San Pellegrino Acqua Panna Top-100 in the world, I decided I simply had to do something about it. The easiest solution – go to lunch at Dinner by Heston. It’s in Knightsbridge in London […]

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A fabulous food market on the Southbank

When you wake up to a stunning day in London, you simply have to do something special. And as luck would have it, when I woke up yesterday to azure blue skies I knew just where I was going. The Real Food Market is held on London’s Southbank every Friday to Sunday and offers a […]

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My exciting new discovery: a tomato knife

I love tomatoes. Seriously, there aren’t many days in the year when I don’t tuck into their deliciousness in one form or another. They come in so many shapes and sizes, are fabulous raw and great for cooking with, too – what’s not to like? My only slight problem in the past has always been […]