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Shopping for exotic ingredients

I love food shopping. There, I’ve said it again! Whether it’s in the local supermarket or a bustling market abroad, for me there’s something about choosing all your goodies, filling up your trolley and maybe even getting some inspiration along the way. My husband, on the other hand, hates food shopping and will avoid large […]

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Time for a drink – and some education

The world of food and drink is a constantly changing experience. New things popping up everywhere, it’s a challenge to keep up and important to admit that you can never know everything! I’m always keen to learn and two new reference books on beer and wine have given me something to focus my learning on…and […]

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It’s a snip with my new kitchen scissors

I love kitchen stuff! I’m the person at the market in Spain digging through the 2 euro knives (which are amazingly good and sharp) and exclaiming over the great-value frying pans which come in so many sizes! Anything that  makes my time in the kitchen easier and more fun has got to be a good […]

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Cabo de Palos market: fruit and veg from the Orchard of Europe

After the fabulous fish I simply had to show you some of the amazing fruit and veg that you can get in Murcia. It’s a huge agricultural area which has earned it the nickname “the orchard of Europe” and you can see why every time you go into a shop or visit a market. The […]

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The joy of food shopping in Spain: First the fish

I love food shopping…all kinds. I’d happily do it for other people if they’d pay me enough! I know, it is kind of weird, but even a trawl around the supermarket at home is enjoyable for me. So imagine how excited I get when I’m abroad! I seem to take as many photographs as products […]

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A fabulous food market on the Southbank

When you wake up to a stunning day in London, you simply have to do something special. And as luck would have it, when I woke up yesterday to azure blue skies I knew just where I was going. The Real Food Market is held on London’s Southbank every Friday to Sunday and offers a […]