My exotic lockdown barbecue with the new range from Wild and Game

My first two weeks of London Lockdown all went pretty well. It was nice to settle back in, there was plenty to do around the house and we had the most spectacular spring weather with temperatures into the 20s for days in a row. April has never been so sunny and blue (that’s official – since records began). Perfect for my daily walk in the park. And good enough for a sneaky spring barbecue even! Can’t remember when that last happened.

And this is a barbecue with a difference with the lovely new range of game products from Wild and Game. This not-for-profit company has mission to put game on the menu across the UK and they wanted me to try their new range from the premium BBQ pack. So I did, here’s the verdict!

The game burgers were lean, chunky and tasty – an exotic combination of venison, pheasant and partridge. Also love that game has so little fat.

Pheasant breast comes packed in a herb and garlic marinade and makes for delicious kebabs that are perfect for grilling.

But my favourite of the lot are the sausages. Both varieties. So meaty and delicious with no fat. Great grilled plain or served in a rich onion gravy with some creamy mash. Gotta love the comfort of that.

The facts

The premium pack is priced at £35.99 and includes:

2 x Game burgers (4oz 2-pack)

2 x Grouse and wild boar sausages (6-pack)

1 x Venison and Pheasant Sausages (6-pack)

1 x Marinated garlic and herb pheasant breast (4-pack)

2 x Wild boar steaks

The new barbeque products are the latest addition to the company’s range of game-based food, like pies and sausage rolls, ready meals, pates and ready-to-cook meats. Wild and Game is making game accessible to everyone, encouraging people to try it for the first time by offering game versions of some of the UK’s best loved dishes.

Steven Frampton, the company’s co-founder, explains:

“We aim to put game fully on the menu across the UK by demonstrating how delicious it is and how easy it can be to cook. Our new barbeque range fits perfectly with that mission, offering an interesting and healthy alternative to barbeque classics such as chicken skewers and beef burgers.”

Order now at Wild and Game or call 08004334334 and get that barbecue out. You’ll be getting an exciting delivery and introducing a fabulous new selection of tasty food into your life.


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