Top takeaways from Bombay Bicycle Chef

One of the joys of urban living (I grew up on a farm so really appreciate these joys) is the takeaway. Food someone else cooks, delivered to your door…how splendid. And we love an Indian takeaway so were delighted to discover the Bombay Bicycle Club – or Bombay Bicycle Chef as their takeaway arm is called.

Their comprehensive menu is divided into sections to make ordering easier. You get to choose from a range of starters, clay oven specials, vegetable, seafood, chicken, lamb and biriyani dishes. Delivery is guaranteed within 45 minutes – ours arrived within half an hour – with a smile. Here’s what we tucked into.

The Kebab Lamb came from the clay oven special section. Succulent cubes of lamb marinated in yogurt, herbs and medium hot spices and cooked in the clay oven.

Tasty lamb bites with a touch of spice

The Murgh Madurai is breast of chicken marinated in herbs and spices, grilled in a clay oven and cooked in a rich tomato sauce with green chilli.

Large chicken pieces in their silken sauce

The perfectly cooked, succulent king prawns in the Pathway are served in a sweet and sour sauce with curry leaves. The dish has a lovely tang to it – and I love the flavour curry leaves add.

Plenty of perfectly cooked, juicy prawns

And for our final main course choice, a classic – Chicken Jalfrezi. Tandoori chicken breast cooked with lots of chopped garlic, green chilli, peppers and curry leaves.

Chicken Jalfrezi and fluffy Pilau Rice

There’s always an amazing vegetable selection in Indian restaurants and the Gobi Sabji is lovely. Fresh cauliflower is cooked with tomato, ginger and garlic. Nicely crunchy and infused with great flavours.

Spicy vegetables complete the meal
Love the design of the delivery bags

Bags of warm popadoms arrive with little bowls of homemade mint yogurt and mango chutney.

How I love takeaways!

Warm and crispy popadoms

Today’s price point

A hearty meal for four cost £41.45 (and there were some leftovers).

Kebab Lamb £6.25

Murgh Madurai £8.45

King Prawn Pathway £10.75

Chicken Jalfrezi £8.55

Pilau Rice £2.50

Gobi Sabji £4.95

Bombay Bicycle Chef delivers in areas of South West and South East London.

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Bombay Bicycle Chef delivers in areas of South West and South East London.


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