Time for tea and healthy living with THEENK TEA

I love my tea. In many shapes and forms. From that first awakening mug of English breakfast in the morning to herbal flavours and the fabulous spicy teas of India. My cupboard is packed with tea opportunities. So I’m delighted to be trying the new tea program from THEENK TEA. Yes, a whole program!

This unique 21-day herbal program is designed to support and improve brain function and mental wellbeing. Each box contains three delicious blends (in the form of beautiful muslin tea bags) for mornings, afternoons and evenings. The herbs contain exotic-sounding benefits from nootropics – said to improve memory, creativity and motivation, adaptogens which help to cope with stress and stimulants said to improve focus, concentration and energy levels.

The teas arrive in stylish packaging and have cute names, too. ¬†Morning Glory, Afternoon Madness and Evening Delight – and are all made from natural ingredients, designed to help you make the most of every part of the day. They’ve certainly helped me ease out of my lockdown brain freeze (not easy!). Of course they’re also helping with that all-important hydration. And they taste delicious, too.

To complete the picture, the 21-day box also offers eating suggestions for healthier living. With lots of tea drinking involved. Gotta love that.

The facts

The THEENK TEA 21-day brain-boosting program costs £39.

Find out more and order online at www.theenk-tea.com


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