The story of my blog so far

So my blog (mark II) is one month old today, which means I felt the need to tell its story.

I started my original blog in July 2011. I was working in Covent Garden and rediscovering the area – amazed at the number of new and surprisingly good bars and restaurants on offer – when one of my colleagues said casually, mid-way through another excellent lunch: “You should start a blog.”

I went home that day, googled “how to start a blog” and that was it! Eating Covent Garden was born.

Starters at Tuttons on the piazza in Covent Garden
Cocktails at Dirty Martini in Covent Garden

From that day  I was amazed at the response I got from all over the world. I developed a large following in the UK, US and South Africa but other than that, my biggest followers were Russian and Ukrainian (seriously!) and I had visits from Mauritania (not sure I even know where that is), North Korea, Latvia and Madagascar to name some of the more surprising ones.

The response and requests for more spurred me on to spread my wings wider and write about restaurants outside of Covent Garden, and then outside of the UK. This year I’ve blogged about Cape Town, Spain and Italy so far.

When in Bologna…eat Bolognese
Croquettas on the beach in Spain

People regularly asking me when I would start sharing my favourite recipes meant that was the next natural step to take. Now I’m posting at least two recipes a week – let’s just say it’s very busy in my kitchen these days!

Recipe time: pork steaks with creamy apple sauce and mash

I don’t see myself as a restaurant critic, so I decided to to blog about the pleasant experiences only, recommending places for people to try. I take and edit all my own photographs and best of all, I write whatever I want about whatever I want!

It was all going so well – I even started appearing near the top of the first page of google – until one day at the beginning of September 2012.

I went to write my next post and was faced with the words “This blog has been removed”. I searched and searched everywhere and my blog was gone, disappeared, deleted! Experts from the blogosphere who I talked to said the likely scenario was that my blog had been hijacked and deleted by some malicious hacker. No one seems to know why they do this, probably because they can. Anyway, after a few days of disbelief and upset I decided to start all over again, using a different format. And what you see here is the result.

So if you’re wondering why my blog is called eatingcoventgarden, now you know…and if you’re puzzled as to why there is nothing about Covent Garden on it, you know that, too, it was all deleted. But don’t worry, I’ll be going back to Covent Garden soon and there’s plenty more to come. Please keep reading.

The best gazpacho at La Mouette in Cape Town

Happy one month blogiversary to me!


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