The perfect peaceful spot for brunch

When it comes to eating out, Cape Town really is the king. Today we had the desire for a nice cup of coffee after a bout of food shopping (it was about 10am).

So cousin Sally suggested we try a little cafe she’d been meaning to visit. This is where inside knowledge is so important – Starling’s Coffee Shop is tucked away behind a hedge, on a main road and really isn’t somewhere you would stumble upon. As you peer through the gate the piles of vegetables tell you this is an eating establishment.

It’s a quaint little cafe with a lovely courtyard-type garden at the back with plenty of shade. And a delicious-sounding menu. We were intending just to have a coffee but it all sounded so good we decided we had to have something to eat, too.

Here’s my fantastic combination of poached eggs with parmesan, pesto and rocket. The eggs were truly fantastic, free range from Spier, a local wine farm that also specialises in farming using biodynamic principles. Animals, including cattle, sheep and chickens are raised on pastures to contribute to the fertility of the soil.

An amazing combination, one that I’m going to be repeating myself at home soon. And the perfect poached egg is hard to beat (something I’m still trying to achieve myself). Yummy!

Oh and they have an urban food market on Wednesdays. I’ll be back!

A wonderful breakfast/brunch to savour
A wonderful breakfast/brunch to savour

Starlings coffee shop is at 94 Belvedere Road, Claremont

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