The newest food market in town

So today we went to the new Food Lover’s Market which is in Newspaper House in the Cape Town City Bowl.

It’s in the building where the first ever Cape Argus newspaper was printed on the 3 June 1857. The building has been stylishly modernised and with its high ceilings makes the perfect place to display the food, with two areas to relax and eat in, too.

If you don’t like cooking (and obviously I’m not encouraging this as I’m here to get you loving your kitchen), simply pop in to grab something to take away. Choose from sushi, salads, meat dishes, both cold and hot, sandwiches and pizzas.

You’ll also find freshly baked bread, a good selection of fruit and veg, including chopped fruit that you can make up your own fruit salad from, healthy nibbles, delicious cakes and pies, smoothies, a wonderful selection of international cheeses, smoked and roasted meats and, of course, a biltong counter.


The salad bar looks particularly tempting


How about some energy salad?


Tempting freshly made sandwiches and rolls

Some of the cold meat dishes on offer

Some of the cold meat dishes on offer

Choose from cheeses from around the world

Choose from cheeses from around the world

If it’s a Thursday, when you come out, keep going down St Georges Mall and you’ll come to a lovely little outdoor market selling tasty dishes like paella, pies or Indian or Cypriot delicacies.


One of the Indian stalls in the St George’s Mall market

Amazing delicate pastries and Cyprus lemonade

Amazing delicate pastries and Cyprus lemonade

Oh, and not that I’m boasting about my dedication to the changing world of food, but this Food Lover’s Market only opened two days ago…well, I am here to keep you informed and up-to-date aren’t I?

Food Lover’s Market, Newspaper House is at the corner of Church Street and St George’s Mall.

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