The food of South East Asia at Noodle House

Today I’ve discovered a lovely little restaurant which is what I’d describe as being on the border of Covent Garden and Soho. What a good place to be! Perfect for a shopping-break lunch, pre-theatre dinner or even a working day lunch. It’s cosy with booth-style seating and an open kitchen, which means the aroma of Asian flavours greets you instantly!

The menu is very traditionally South-East Asian with a good selection of all the favourites and some other interesting options. Service is informal and friendly and food quickly comes up, piping hot off the wok!

The tempura-style prawns were perfectly cooked with just the right amount of crunch and juicy prawns. And the mango salsa they came with was fabulous. I could do with a jar of this in my fridge!

Tender prawns with a crispy coating served with amazing mango salsa

I love dumplings and they are one of the few things I’ve never attempted to make at home…so I always like to order them. These pan-fried duck and chive dumplings were served with a sesame soy dipping sauce. Definitely way too much effort to make from scratch…the duck filling alone must be something of a challenge, not to mention the savoury dumpling itself. Delicious.

Delicious fried duck and chive dumplings with a nutty soy dipping sauce

I’m a big fan of Singapore noodles, and as we’re at a Noodle House, it’s a logical dish to sample. And it’s another dish that I’ve tried and failed to cook perfectly. I’m realising there’s a lot of room for improvement in my Asian cooking repertoire. Does anyone know the secret? These were deliciously spicy and packed with plenty of goodies like chicken, prawns, lovely chunks of egg and crunchy Chinese cabbage.

singapore noodles
Curry-spiced vermicelli noodles with chicken, prawns, eggs, Chinese cabbage, pak choi and a sweet chilli ginger sauce…a real feast

To go with our noodles we selected black pepper beef which is a Malaysian dish. Tender, juicy strips of sirloin were immersed in the pepperiest of pepper sauces with sweet, crunchy peppers…a lot of pepper going on here! I’ve never tasted a dish like this before, rich in its luscious sauce with a beautiful bite.

Tasty chunks of sirloin in the ultimate peppery sauce

I love a condiment and in a little box on the side of our table we discovered pickled vegetables, chilli and ginger sauce and sweet chilli sauce. Just what you need to make any meal complete!

Bring on the sauces…this is a great touch

On a decidedly wet and gloomy London day, a tasty Asian lunch was just what we needed to lift our spirits.

Noodle House is at 117 Shaftesbury Avenue, about a minute the other side of Cambridge Circus from Piccadilly.

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