The Cook with Biltong Club: Chicory, gorgonzola and biltong canapes

So spring is here at last (yes, I’m back in London) which got me thinking about having friends round for drinks in the garden – there’s nothing wrong with my optimism. These fantastic canapes go perfectly with early evening champagne (or whatever’s your preference). They’re really easy to make, look fab and are something really different to wow your guests with. And they use my favourite of ingredients…biltong.

These quantities make a generous platter – though you will have gorgonzola and walnuts leftover – just save them for your next cheeseboard.

The perfect canapes for a summery evening in the garden with friends
The perfect canapes for a summery evening in the garden with friends

180g chicory (2 heads)

3 large handfuls of wet biltong

1 small bag of walnuts, chopped in half

2 pears

200g gorgonzola

To assemble, simply separate the chicory leaves and place them on the platter. Fill each one with a mix of the biltong, gorgonzola, walnuts and pears.

Amazing canapes in minutes!

Top tips

Make sure the biltong you use for this is wet and thinly sliced. The combination of textures and flavours is quite spectacular – the crunchy chicory, creamy cheese, juicy pears and walnuts mixed with the soft biltong will elicit oohs of delight. I promise.

You could use any blue cheese if you’d prefer something different, like Stilton or Dolcelate for example. Or you could substitute apples for the pears.

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