The charm of a cafe in Scarborough

For me, the word Scarborough conjures up images of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme in the words of the song Scarborough Fair, famously sung by Simon & Garfunkel.

It’s also a charming English holiday resort on the North Sea coast in North Yorkshire with a population of just over 61,000.

And then there’s the unspoilt village of Scarborough on the Cape Peninsular. It’s about an hour’s drive from the centre of Cape Town. It’s tiny, with a population of just over 1,000 and houses built up the cliff overlooking a beautiful beach.

Part of the joy of visiting the Cape Scarborough is the world-famous drive around the iconic peninsular. We meandered along the coastline, over the precipitous Chapman’s Peak, drinking in the sparkling blue sea and stunning views, heading for a cafe called The Hub.

We were taken to The Hub by our friends John and Glen who live locally. This is a cafe where local knowledge is vital, it’s not a place you’d stumble on. As you drive into Scarborough there’s a car park on your left with a little wooden structure that’s the local estate agent (you can see a picture of it below). The cafe is set in the trees to the right.

The menu offers a tasty choice of freshly made open sandwiches and salads. There’s no wine list, though wine is available. Our waitress told us she didn’t know what wine it was and it didn’t have a label, but was bottled locally and everyone who tried it was happy. Considering the area is packed with vineyards, we reckoned it was a risk worth taking and we were right. It was the perfect accompaniment to a summer lunch in a sleepy village.

The smoked salmon trout salad was crisp and fresh with plenty of fish and a delicious dressing.

salmon trout salad

A beautiful salad with fresh local fish

My Mediterranean open sandwich on lightly toasted ciabatta was thickly spread with hummus and piled with pesto, roast tomatoes,  parmesan and rocket.


Mediterranean flavours in the dappled sunshine

More smoked salmon trout, this time on toasted rye with avocado and cream cheese.

salmontrout sandwich

Beautiful colours to savour

And then there’s cakes on display inside – they were impossible to resist. How does carrot, pineapple and raisin sound? Beautifully moist and served with fresh figs.

carrot cake

Tastily moist carrot and pineapple cake

Or how about some flour-less chocolate cake? Like pure chocolate on a plate.

flourless cake

The most chocolatey of chocolate cake

Here’s the local estate agent – head to the right of it to find The Hub.


Scarborough’s estate agent with houses rising above


Welcome to the chilled-out Hub


And here’s one of the beaches on the way

The Hub is on the left hand side as you come in to Scarborough – pull in when you see the estate agent.






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