Tasty Mexican food at the newest branch of Wahaca

There are Wahacas springing up all over London. And a good thing it is, too. These charming Mexican eateries are the brainchild of Thomasina Miers, who won Masterchef in 2005. She went on to open her first Wahaca in Wardour Street, Soho (been there) in 2005. The idea clearly caught on as there are now nine of them in town, with the latest one that I’ve been to in Charlotte Street, just off Oxford Street.

I love Charlotte Street. I alway say that if I didn’t live in London and came here on holiday I’d stay in the Charlotte Street Hotel ¬†and eat out every night in Charlotte Street (budget permitting, of course). Seriously, you’d have a proper foodie holiday, could walk home every night and unless you stayed for quite some time, you wouldn’t run out of wonderful places to try.

So I guess it’s brave of Wahaca to open up in this restaurant heaven – let’s just say there’s no lack of competition. Having said that, there’s nothing quite like Wahaca with its brightly decorated, light-filled interiors, interesting menu and rather cheap prices.

Guacamole is always mandatory for me in Mexican restaurants and theirs is good. So good we had to order another portion, we heaped it so high on our tortillas, there were still half of them left when the guac was all gone. Oh well, what can you do.

I simply can’t resist guacamole

The black bean and cheese quesadilla – with cheddar, mozzarella and black beans was surprisingly good! Their black beans are in a class of their own.

Beautiful melted cheese and sweet black beans

The Pork pibil tacos – slow cooked pork in Yucatecan marinade – were amazing. Pulled pork is such great comfort food and the sauce had a proper chilli bite.

Pulled pork tacos with a chilli bite

And finally, a salmon ceviche salad. I love ceviche, have even made it myself quite a lot for dinners – it’s a really simple but stunning starter. There wasn’t a huge amount of salmon but the salad was pretty big with really good dressing.

Salmon ceviche salad with a zesty dressing and spicy green chillis

I’ve been to three of the Wahaca branches now (including the Covent Garden one which was one of my very first blogs on my upsesttingly-hacked old blog). I still haven’t managed to try anything off the main section, I just like all the street food stuff so much. I need to branch out a bit and sample some more of the menu. One’s just opened on the South Bank, that’s got to be the perfect place to do it.


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