Tasty delights at The Palm in stylish Belgravia

Today it’s time for a touch of American foodie tradition and history in London.

The first Palm restaurant was opened in NYC in 1926 by John Ganzi and Pio Bozzi. The story goes that they wanted to name it after their hometown, Parma, but when they went to register it the clerk misunderstood their Italian accents and issued the licence for The Palm. And a dynasty was born.

There are now 30 Palms (still run by members of the two original families), mainly in the US and Mexico with one, conveniently for me, set on a stylish street in stylish Belgravia.¬†Gracious Belgravia, where every second car seems to be a Rolls Royce and the beautiful squares and architecture inspire. It’s charming.

And this charm totally rubs off on The Palm. From its dark wood finishes to subdued-but-not-dim lighting and welcoming, helpful service, you immediately feel relaxed and at home…this place really has the feel of a local neighbourhood restaurant, kind of like I imagine that first NYC one did in 1926.

The menu’s American-Italian with a great range of salads, meats and traditional Italian dishes, like carpaccio and veal parmigiano. The iceberg lettuce wedge salad comes as a tower of Danish blue cheese, toasted walnuts, bacon, cherry tomatoes, chives and fried onions.

Iceberg Lettuce Wedge Salad
A tasty salad that’s also a work of art

The Americans love a chopped salad and I have to admit to developing a bit of a penchant for them, too. You get so many different ingredients all beautifully chopped..easy to eat and so delicious. The Louis Gigi Delmaestro Salad is a delectable combo of shrimps, green beans, tomato, onion, bacon, lettuce, roasted pepper, egg and avocado tossed in a garlic vinaigrette.

Gigi salad
A beautifully fresh salad with plump shrimp

The specialities are prime aged steaks from America and lobster from Nova Scotia. Our server, Alex, who made the whole evening even more special with his friendly, efficient and welcoming service, brought a plate with the different cuts of steak to help us make our choices. Wow! From classic filet mignon to prime New York rib and amazing marbled ribeye, and they tasted even more amazing than they looked.

The ultimate of treats, beautiful broiled lobster
An amazing steak and a classic Caesar salad
An amazing steak and a classic Caesar salad


palm restaurant
The elegant and welcoming dining space
palm exterior
The exterior of The Palm on a typical Belgravia street

The Italian-American combination really works for me, and you’ll get great food and service in comfortable, elegant surroundings. The perfect place for a memorable night out.

The Palm is at 1-3 Pont Street,

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