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Where to stay in Vietnam: The Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort and Spa

Continuing my series of Where to Stay, today we’re in Phan Thiet in Vietnam. Phan Thiet is a coastal city in south-east Vietnam, a four to five hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City airport – sounds long but it’s totally worth it when you get there. It’s the capital of Binh Thuan Province with […]

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Vietnamese cuisine in a unique London location

Tonight we’re going under the arches in Covent Garden to enjoy some Vietnamese flavours at Moc Kitchen. As I’m always discovering in London, despite having lived here for 30 years now, there’s a piece of history I’m not aware of around every corner. Today I got to thinking about the city’s railway arches because of where […]

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A fabulous new opening: The Restaurant at Leicester House

London’s restaurantland never ceases to amaze me. There’s always somewhere new to try and the standard of food seems to get higher and higher. In my explorations of Covent Garden I often roam into Chinatown and feel transported to another land. The aromas, sights and sounds envelop you and your mouth starts watering. It’s a […]

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Back to school for Vietnamese cooking lessons

Lately I’ve been learning all about Vietnamese food and have totally fallen in love with it. The fresh flavours, abundance of herbs and variety of sauces all make for fabulous dishes. So when I was invited to School of Wok for an afternoon of Vietnamese cooking, I couldn’t resist. Even better – it’s in Covent Garden, so […]

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Mien Tay: a lovely Vietnamese restaurant in Battersea

So on a wild and wet May night we ventured out onto the streets of Battersea to try something Vietnamese. This local eatery is run by Mr Su Tran and Mrs My Lee who are from South West Vietnam. The restaurant is named after the area they originate from and they serve great dishes from […]

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My London Top-10 for 2013

2013 has been a fabulous year for me with lots of opportunities for travel. I was lucky enough to visit Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Thailand and South Africa, all in less than eight months. Of course, I was also lucky enough to be based in London when I wasn’t in one of these other fantastic […]