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Recipe: Tomato, pea and ham tortilla

Here’s my recipe for day three of British Tomato Week. Enjoy. I love a Spanish omelette (tortilla). The fabulous potato, egg and onion base lends itself to endless additions, it’s the perfect dish to get creative with. This one has plenty of stuff in it, so will make a substantial meal and it’s topped with halved cherry […]

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Recipe: Is it a frittata? A tortilla? Or an omelette?

So, we needed to come up with a dish to cook for friends who’re eating carb free. Terry had the idea for this and we decided it needed its very own name – so we’ve invented a word. Welcome to our recipe for a delicious fromilla. It’s kind of a cross between a frittata, omelette […]

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The Cook with Biltong Club: Biltong tortilla – fusing Spanish and South African

What a great idea, even if I say so myself. Sitting on the bus on my way home from work I was thinking biltong…and wondering what other exciting recipes I could come up with when I remembered making a lovely Spanish omelette with chorizo. Brainwave…use biltong instead of chorizo. Spanish omelette (or tortilla) is an […]

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Tapas and Cava at Condesa in Covent Garden

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to wander around Covent Garden with no agenda, taking in the sights and seeing what new delights I can discover. So yesterday when I had a Chinese cookery course there, I went in early and did just that. I’m pleased to say that my favourite part […]

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Celebrate the British pea harvest

Last year’s dreadful, wet summer meant the UK pea harvest was a bit of a washout. Thank goodness this year is looking a lot better, so I thought it would be good to celebrate with some delicious recipes for a hot summer’s day. Boy are we having some of those at the moment! Did you […]

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Spicy pork wraps with Mole sauce

I’m continuing my series of recipes using special ingredients from different supermarkets. Today it’s Mole sauce from  Tesco. Mole sauce (pronounced Mol-ay) is a dark red or brown sauce from Mexico that’s generally served over meat. There are a few different varieties, based around one main ingredient – chillies, but basically it’s a mix of […]