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Winelands bound for lunch at Overture

Today we’re heading towards Stellenbosch for lunch at the highly regarded Overture. Situated down the Annandale Road on the Hidden Valley wine estate, it opened at the end of 2007. It’s got some pedigree, having made the Eat Out top-10 South African restaurants for six years in a row (this year it’s at number 6). […]

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Cooking with South African apples and pears

So today’s the last day of my South African sojourn for this year, tonight I head back to London. And what more appropriate blog than this? Award winning South African chef has come up with some delicious recipes using South African apples and pears. They are now widely available in UK supermarkets and will be […]

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British Tomato Week with a taste of South Africa: Chakalaka sauce

Continuing my celebration of British Tomato Week, here’s my version of traditional South African spicy vegetable relish that it is believed originated in the townships of Johannesburg. The beauty of it is that there are so many versions you can experiment until you’ve invented one of your own. I’d  recommend keeping the baked beans in, they […]

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Stunning lunch in the sunshine at Bistro Sixteen82

Another stunning Sunday in Cape Town and it’s time to catch up with our friends Jules and Bruno – coincidentally the Jules of my previous post. So we headed for Bistro Sixteen82, set in the beautiful Steenberg vineyards and one of my favourites. Named after the year in which Steenberg was established, it’s a stylishly […]

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My recipe for traditional South African Bobotie

Bobotie is a traditional South African dish made of lamb mince mixed with spices and fruit and a creamy egg topping. It’s a great combination of flavours and textures and really easy to make. There are plenty of different ways to make it, this is the one I’ve perfected to my taste. Experiment with spices […]

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Join the club: Cook with Biltong

I’ve loved biltong for as long as I can remember (it probably was given to me when I was teething as a baby – the hard sticks are great for emerging teeth). Growing up in Zimbabwe meant it was always plentiful in our house. This fantastic delicacy is basically dried meat (usually beef but can […]