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It’s hot, hot, hot with Tracklement’s new Blazing Hot Bundle

Today we’re adding a bit of spice to our lives with the new Tracklements Blazing Hot Bundle. I’ve had a burger craving for a while now. And you know what that’s like – it just doesn’t go away. Only one way to rectify the situation. A couple of burgers on the grill, fresh rolls and […]

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Shopping for exotic ingredients

I love food shopping. There, I’ve said it again! Whether it’s in the local supermarket or a bustling market abroad, for me there’s something about choosing all your goodies, filling up your trolley and maybe even getting some inspiration along the way. My husband, on the other hand, hates food shopping and will avoid large […]

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The story of monkey gland sauce

Monkey gland sauce is a South African barbecue-style sauce usually served with steaks or burgers. Non South Africans wince when you order it in restaurants, but don’t worry, it doesn’t involve any monkeys or any glands. I’ve been on a mission to find out the story behind its name and who invented it when – […]