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Recipe: Pea, mint and ham hock soup in a fab Ceracraft pan

Anyone who  knows me well can tell you that I’m obsessed with kitchen “stuff”. And I don’t only mean gadgets, I can spend far too long rummaging through the €1 knives and veggie peelers and the €5 frying pans in any Spanish market. It’s time well spent, I always come away with a bargain and […]

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Recipe: Spinach, celeriac, broad bean and pea soup

In an attempt to detox I decided to make a batch of vegetable soup. I wanted something fairly substantial and I do love the flavour of celeriac so here’s what I came up with. Adding the peas and broad beans after I pureed the mixture gave the soup more texture and they literally popped their […]

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The Cook with Biltong Club: Biltong, watercress and pea soup

I’m cooking with biltong again, and had the idea of using it as one of the ingredients in a tasty soup. Honestly, I think this soup is one of the best I’ve ever tasted. I didn’t use a lot of biltong but it really added such a depth of flavour. This is the perfect soup […]

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Inspiring recipes using peas

Peas are one of my favourite vegetables, so sweet and juicy and amazingly versatile. I always have a frozen bag in my freezer – it even came in really handy once when I sprained my ankle! These lovely pea recipes come thanks to the Yes Peas! campaign. For more, visit their website at www.peas.org, where […]

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Summer salad with prawns, peas, broad beans and Dijon dressing

The heat is on! When it turns up (which hasn’t been often in the 28 years I’ve lived here), summertime in London is truly spectacular. It’s really like living in a different country full of happy people desperately soaking up the sun. Our local park is always packed with picnickers, sunbathers and dog walkers all […]

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Celebrate the British pea harvest

Last year’s dreadful, wet summer meant the UK pea harvest was a bit of a washout. Thank goodness this year is looking a lot better, so I thought it would be good to celebrate with some delicious recipes for a hot summer’s day. Boy are we having some of those at the moment! Did you […]