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Peninsular touring and seafood at Live Bait

Cape Town is frequently ranked one of the most beautiful cities in the world in those never-ending Best of… lists that pop up everywhere. I’ve spent a lot of time here – I know, lucky me – and it’s pretty much impossible to beat, there’s so much going for it. . It’s scenically stunning and […]

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A sunny Sunday at Cape Point Vineyards

So today we’re heading over Ou Kaapse Weg to the beautiful little seaside town of Noordhoek not far from the centre of Cape Town. Known for its laid-back attitude and beautiful beach it’s also home to a couple of excellent restaurants. The restaurant at Cape Point Vineyards (CPV) is a fairly recent addition and there’s […]

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A long-awaited return to the fabulous Food Barn

The Cape has more than its fair share of fabulous restaurants, lucky us…and The Food Barn is right up there. Co-founders Franck Dangereux (the chef) and Pete de Bruin have done something really clever by serving what is high-level fine dining in a totally relaxed environment without pretension and fussiness. You can bet no-one feels uncomfortable […]

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Sunday lunch at stunning Cape Point Vineyards

Sunday lunch comes around again and it’s time for a long-awaited visit to Cape Point Vineyards (CPV). It’s located on a narrow strip nestled between the icy Atlantic and the warm currents of False Bay in Noordhoek, with cool sea breezes that provide the sort of climate that Sauvignon Blanc grapes love. The first vines were […]

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Fabulous lunch at the Foodbarn

Another Sunday, another restaurant to savour. This week we went to the Foodbarn in beautiful Noordhoek. The stunning, sunny day started off well with a drive over Chapman’s Peak which connects Hout Bay and Noordhoek, with its amazing views of sea and mountain. And just when you think the day can’t get any better, you […]