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Recipes: Two tasty dishes using lamb mince

So I’ve been asked to enter the Lamb Recipe Challenge and come up with a tasty, original lamb recipe. Never one to turn down a challenge, I put my mind to creating something deliciously different. I had so many ideas I’ve ended up creating two dishes using lamb mince – so you’ve got double value […]

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Ideas and recipes for a summer barbecue: Part Two

When the sun comes out in London, you have to make the most of it. And for me, last¬†weekend it meant using my lovely new barbecue again, it’s irresistible. I put my thinking cap on and decided to tempt you with a lovely South African dish, lamb sosaties.¬†Sosaties are kebabs…but what makes them different is […]

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Time to barbecue with chicken sosaties

Now that the sun’s shining it’s impossible to resist the opportunity to get the barbecue (or braai as we call in it South Africa) out. Every year I long for that barbecue summer in London that we are often promised but never materialises. Could this be the year? Braais are a huge part of South […]

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Lamb and vegetable skewers with cucumber raita

Okay, so I think it’s fair to say that I eat out quite a lot…mostly in the name of research of course. So when I eat at home, I’m often looking to concoct light dishes for dinner. This one came out really well! The marinade added depth of flavour to the lamb and all the […]