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The joys of Jordan Day

Today is Jordan Day. I’ve decided it needs to be officially a Day, one with a Capital D, that has to be set aside every year (at least) for a visit to this wonderful restaurant nestling in the Cape Winelands. The restaurant is the baby of genius chef George Jardine, whose latest addition in Stellenbosch (which opened […]

Restaurants, Restaurants in Cape Town, Restaurants in the Cape Winelands

Lunchtime heaven at glorious Jordan

This was my fourth visit to Jordan, a restaurant and wine farm set deep in the heart of the Cape Winelands. As we approached our destination, further and further off the beaten track, a sense of excitement and anticipation built up in me. The views are stupendous, the restaurant stylish and then there’s the menu…it’s both easy […]

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Wine tasting in the Stellenbosch Valley

The Cape Winelands are food and wine heaven. Beautiful views, amazing restaurants, stunning wines…only problem (if it can be classed as a problem) is there are so many wine estates. Seriously, it can get very intimidating deciding where to try next. So I calmed down and, with a little  help from my friends, decided to […]

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Lunch in the dreamland that is Jordan

So my best friend from school, Sharon, came down to visit us in Cape Town. Another excuse for booking somewhere fabulous for lunch. I went to Jordan two years ago and had a simply spectacular lunch so, for once, the choice wasn’t difficult. So there we were, four ladies ready to lunch. Driving down the […]