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Pub watch: The Star Tavern

Continuing my series on London pubs, today I’m in Belgravia at a pub nestled down a lovely┬áLondon Mews. Mews were originally stables, usually with carriage houses below and living quarters above and were built along a paved yard or court behind the large ┬áhouses of London during the 17th and 18th century. This was where […]

Restaurants in London

Tasty delights at The Palm in stylish Belgravia

Today it’s time for a touch of American foodie tradition and history in London. The first Palm restaurant was opened in NYC in 1926 by John Ganzi and Pio Bozzi. The story goes that they wanted to name it after their hometown, Parma, but when they went to register it the clerk misunderstood their Italian […]