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Recipe: Tasty beef chilli

Today I decided to come up with a different version of chilli. I’m not a big fan of kidney beans, so I’ve used butter beans instead which I think is a huge improvement. I also added fresh sweetcorn for some sweetness. Experiment with the quantity of chillis until you get exactly the heat you desire. It’s […]

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Recipe: Quick and easy crispy Chinese beef

This dish is one of my favourite Chinese treats that I’ve never considered cooking before as I thought it would be far too complicated and time consuming. How wrong I was! It’s the perfect quick, easy dinner that tastes deliciously authentic. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Serves 2 2 […]

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Recipe: Deliciously simple Thai beef

When we were in Thailand recently we had the most wonderful beef mince dish at one of the restaurants in Kata Beach, Phuket. So of course I had to take up the challenge and try to recreate it myself – purely from taste as I didn’t know quite what the ingredients were. I have to […]

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Beautifully rich and flavoursome Goulash

So, April’s an in-between and slightly confused time in London (weather-wise, that is). It is spring but it can be decidedly chilly, even when it’s lovely and sunny. I love this time of year as there’s an optimism, excitement even,  about the coming of summer, and lots of beautiful daffodils and tulips everywhere. Plus the […]

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Recipe: My beef bourguignon

We’ve had a really chilly week in London which always gets me thinking of hearty stews and comfort food and snuggling up on the couch watching episodes of CSI to my heart’s content. This recipe is surprisingly easy to prepare and once it’s all in the pot you can sit back and relax  while it […]