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Pub watch: The Star Tavern

Continuing my series on London pubs, today I’m in Belgravia at a pub nestled down a lovely London Mews. Mews were originally stables, usually with carriage houses below and living quarters above and were built along a paved yard or court behind the large  houses of London during the 17th and 18th century. This was where […]

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My latest Covent Garden discovery: 21

I spend a lot of time in Covent Garden. So imagine my surprise when I discovered a “new” bar called 21 in the heart of the Piazza, only to be told that it has been there for 30 years! Oops. Goes to show, you can’t know everything. Must work on that. Anyway, the good news […]

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Down the stairs at Lima Floral

On my last visit to Lima Floral in Covent Garden I was kind of hoping to taste their tapas offering. Tapas (or pequeos as they’re called in Peru) are only served in the  downstairs bar and I had to choose off the a la carte menu that night. I did love it, as you can […]

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Radio rooftop bar in Covent Garden

Another great discovery on the southern tip of Covent Garden, sitting on the corner of Aldwych Street. It’s where the popular Gaiety Theatre which suffered bomb damage during the Second World War sat. That building was torn down and turned into an office block in the 60s. Now it’s a stunning, contemporary hotel that sparkles […]

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Jamie Oliver’s new bar in London

How I love a good bar. One that’s big enough to avoid that unpleasant pushing and bumping but not too cavernous; has music that I like and isn’t too loud to make conversation a challenge; offers friendly, efficient and as-fast-as-possible service, has tasty bar snacks that are substantial enough as a dinner substitute; serves a […]

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Going Italian at Peddlars on the Bend

Sunday lunch is probably my favourite meal of the week (though I could be easily swayed). Ours tend to be latish ones as there’s usually a round of golf happening in the morning.  And long as, frankly, no one’s in a hurry. Choosing different places to try is an enjoyable part of my week, too, […]