Summertime refreshment with Wavey Ice boozy ice pops

So lockdown kind of ambles on. Slight relaxation of restrictions, shops opening up more and ‘rules’ being broken all around. I think everyone’s a bit unsure about what happens next and how we’re supposed to behave. I’m all for doing pretty much what I’m being told and being cautious. Longing for restaurants and borders to open up though.

Until then, I’m thankful that it’s summer and I can spend time in my garden. Watching the flowers bloom, lounging in the sun and barbecuing. And this week I’ve discovered the perfect addition to my summertime garden ritual. Alcoholic ice lollies from Wavy Ice.

The company’s founder Alex Situnayake started off selling his ice pops in local parks during the summer and more recently at some major events. But of course with Covid-19 all events have been cancelled. And we can all benefit from that as the clever people at Wavey Ice have launched their UK-wide delivery service.

There are three tasty flavours to choose from. Watermelon and Vodka, Black Grape and White Rum and Sour Apple and Gin. All delivered to your door ready to be popped into the freezer.

Once frozen, simply snip off the top and you’ve got a deliciously refreshing ice pop to enjoy.

Now partaking of these is going to have to become a regular occurrence in my garden. Frozen cocktails must be the way to go!

The facts

A mixed-flavour box (three flavours) is available for £30 including delivery. Or you can order a single flavour box for the same price. I adored the watermelon and vodka flavour – and would have no problem demolishing a box! Of course I’d share!

Find out more and order online at


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