Stunning lunch in the sunshine at Bistro Sixteen82

Another stunning Sunday in Cape Town and it’s time to catch up with our friends Jules and Bruno – coincidentally the Jules of my previous post. So we headed for Bistro Sixteen82, set in the beautiful Steenberg vineyards and one of my favourites.

Named after the year in which Steenberg was established, it’s a stylishly modern restaurant set in an elegant garden with water features. Chef Brad Ball conjures up his interpretation of modern bistro food. It’s just fabulous!

To start, three of us were set on the scallops. Atlantic scallops with chorizo, sweetcorn puree and vanilla jus. The combo of scallops and chorizo is just perfect and served like this with the bright yellow puree, the dish was a work of art. And it tasted just as good as it looked.

A beautiful plate of food got us all excited right away

Jules is a vegetarian so asked if she could have hers minus the chorizo. Not a problem, and she got an extra scallop instead – we were all slightly envious.

The vegetarian version of the scallop dish
The vegetarian version of the scallop dish

The amazing leek gratin was made with Klein River gruyere, hazelnuts smoked potato puree and nasturtiums to decorate. Lovely!

Delicious and beautifully creative leek gratin
Delicious and beautifully creative leek gratin

Jules’ fish dish won the prize for the prettiest dish of the day on our table (in a very close-fought competition). Pan-fried line fish (today it was gurnard), pea pancake, smoked salmon trout, creme fraiche and tomato vinaigrette. What colours, flavours and textures!

Gurnard with plenty of goodies
Gurnard with plenty of goodies

Terry couldn’t resist ordering one of the specials. Seawater crayfish served with bernaise sauce, chips and a shrimp salad, was served on a long wooden platter and elicited gasps of excitement when it arrived at the table. Clever use of the cucumber to hold the salad together.

One of the day's specials, amazing freshwater crayfish
One of the day’s specials, amazing freshwater crayfish

I just love the beef tataki, which you can have as a starter or main. I really must break away and try something else next time, but it is just the perfect summer lunch dish. Chilled seared slices of Chalmar fillet with ginger, chilli, lime and sesame. I ordered a green salad to go with it, which was delicate and tasty with zesty caper berries and a great dressing.

Beef tataki is fresh and tasty with melt in the mouth beef
Beef tataki is fresh and tasty with melt in the mouth beef
An amazing green salad with caper berries and gherkins
An amazing green salad with caper berries and gherkins

Although we were all full we couldn’t resist sharing a cheeseboard between us. A lovely selection of local cheeses with walnut and apricot rye crackers.

Cheese platter
Our delicious cheese platter
Amazing food is matched by amazing views

You can also buy wine from the vineyard here to take home. The wine is very good, so I’d recommend a tasting which will no doubt lead to a purchase before you head home.

The chill-out area near the wine tasting counter

I’ve been dreaming of my next visit to Sixteen82 for ages, through the incessant rain of the British summer. I follow them on twitter and often see the tempting pictures of their latest special which I can’t sample because I’m in London…But now, at last, I’ve been back and been reminded of how much I love it. Oh and everyone’s been raving about their tapas menu, so I’m simply going to have to go for early evening tapas soon…can’t wait!


  1. I loved this restaurant when we visited it last year. As you say very stylish (I love the vines on the ceiling), fab food and great wine. What more could you ask for?

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