Stunning dinner at Tendido Cuatro

So cousin Sally’s in town and staying in Fulham, the perfect opportunity to try somewhere new in the area. We’ve recently got back from Spain and I guess my mind’s still half there because I found myself googling Spanish restaurants in Fulham and asking on twitter if anyone could recommend one. One of my followers simply replied “No”, adding when I asked that he didn’t know anything about restaurants in Fulham but felt it was polite to reply! No help there then. Luckily google came up trumps. A look at the pedigree and menu at Tendido Cuatro and I was sold and booked a table.

It’s part of the Cambio de Tercio group of four restaurants, the other three are in Old Brompton Road, while Tendido Cuatro is just around the corner from Parson’s Green tube station. We’d booked an early table (7pm) and settled down in a disconcertingly quiet restaurant. Our spirits soon picked up as we perused the menu and I ordered a bottle of Albarino, my favourite of Spanish white wines.

The burden of menu decision-making is lessened when you’re eating tapas (assuming you’re with a group of sharers). We were and people soon started shouting out what they would like to try. There were four of us and we democratically (you choose two, kind of thing) decided on our dishes, which wasn’t easy, as seriously, I wanted to try everything on the menu.

We ordered a few to get us going. First up was the El casar organic goat cheese with dry tomatoes salad. Spanish goat’s cheese is in a league of its own, truly magnificent and the salad was beautifully dressed. Along with this came the Serrano ham and bechamel croquettas with tomato and thyme sauce, melt in the mouth croquettes and silky sauce. An amazing plate of Patatas Bravas with potatoes crispy on the outside and hollowed out with the spicy sauce inside. A true masterpiece of a dish, in fact I loved it so much my picture of it is the header on the first page of my blog. Mouthwatering or what?

Melted goat’s cheese and lovely leaves and tomatoes
The ultimate croquettes and a tomatoey dipping sauce. Love the plate.
My favourite dish of the year so far, potatoes have never tasted better
Time for the next tranche of orders, oh and by now (just after 8) the restaurant was pretty much completely full and buzzing with diners clearly excited about digging into their favourite Spanish food.
One of my absolute favourite Spanish dishes is Albondigas (meatballs). I tend to order it wherever we go. So imagine our delight when tonight’s offer was the best one ever. Yes, it’s official. “I wish I could make sauce like this,” Sally murmered longingly, stirring her spoon through the beautifully silken liquid. Don’t we all!
The best meatballs ever…I need the recipe

Time for a bit of a fishy interlude. A plate of baby anchovies marinated in garlic and parsley were zesty and light. Gambas a la plancha (prawns) were sweet and so perfectly cooked they literally melted into your tastebuds. Seared tuna with anchovy mayonnaise, shaved asparagus and broad beans was simply stunning and looked so beautiful, too. And then we tried skate wings with morcilla (like Spanish black pudding) and pigs ears. The skate was perfect as was the morcilla, so soft with depths of flavour. Not sure about the pigs ears – I’ve had them before but remembered they were crispy while these were gelatinous (it didn’t say they were going to be crispy, I guess that’s the way pigs ears are). The dish worked anyway – skate and black pudding is a clever combination.

Juicy little anchovies in a tasty marinade


Gambas a la plancha, a beautifully simple dish
How’s this for a masterpiece? And it tasted as good as it looks
Skate wings and morcilla, yummy

Time for something sweet and it doesn’t come more Spanish than churros con chocolate. You see them being made in markets all over Spain and there’s usually a queue of people carrying away their little cones of crispy, sugary doughnut-like creations (still warm) with sauce to dip them into. Tonight they came with the most divine hot chocolate to dip them into (and I’m not even a big eater of chocolate). Sorry for the bad manners, but we were dipping our fingers into the chocolate long after the churros were finished.

Beautiful light churros and rich chocolate sauce

The calibre of London’s restaurants never ceases to amaze me. The food at Tendido Cuatro was truly wonderful, each dish a taste sensation. We had quite a feast! No wonder it’s packed with locals – if I lived around the corner I’d be eating there far too frequently…

Tendido Cuatro is at 110 New King’s Road

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