Street food in Phuket

One of my favourite things about Phuket is that your food (and drink) comes to you! You’ll just be sitting there contemplating your next move and a scooter with a stall attached selling something will just turn up.

It’s one of the best ways to eat as it’s unbelievably cheap and because these vendors sell so much the food is always fresh, so no need to worry about getting ill from it. I’m constantly amazed at the dedication and work that goes into these mobile food stores.

The fruit man will peel and slice your fruit for fuss-free eating
The corn man with his huge vat of boiling water and plenty of corn

Corn is sold on the beach every day. Carefully and individually wrapped in plastic to keep it warm, it’s then opened and salted for you at your sunbed.

My favourite street food stall was just two minutes walk from the beach. Whole fish and prawns and a range of fish and meat skewers were beautifully displayed. A small barbecue was attached to the side of the stall and you chose your lunch which was then cooked for you. The skewers had been marinated and were basted during cooking, so were delicious and they cost 20 baht each – that’s less than a pound. Totally impressed by the hard work that went into this little stall.

Fish and meat all neatly laid out so you can make your choices
And now it’s time to cook with care

Okay, this food isn’t mobile…but it’s on the street. Every night displays of fish and seafood appeared arranged in ice on the pavements to help you decide where to dine. These massive lobsters were very tempting.

Who could resist such beautiful lobsters?

And then there’s the oyster man. One night when we were eating dinner he turned up on his scooter with a stall full of oysters the size of small rocks. He needed a small axe to open them and then produced a cornucopia of sauces and condiments from a compartment under his stall.

The freshest of oysters opened in front of you

There are even mobile bars! This one’s called the Auto Bar. Serving pretty much any drink you could imagine, it was also like a mobile disco with flashing lights, playing lots of Lady Gaga.

Look out for the Auto bar

Just amazing. You never knew what was going to turn up next. I wish I’d had a chance to try everything.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my trip around the amazing island of Phuket. Now it’s back to London and ┬áto Covent Garden…look out for some new restaurant reviews coming soon.

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