Spicy pork wraps with Mole sauce

I’m continuing my series of recipes using special ingredients from different supermarkets. Today it’s Mole sauce from  Tesco. Mole sauce (pronounced Mol-ay) is a dark red or brown sauce from Mexico that’s generally served over meat. There are a few different varieties, based around one main ingredient – chillies, but basically it’s a mix of lots of different spices, nuts, vegetables and chocolate and pretty time consuming and complicated to make. So it’s fabulous that you can simply pop a little jar into your basket the next time you are in Tesco.

I decided on a fajita-style dish with lots of goodies wrapped in tortillas along with the pork steaks which I brushed generously with the Mole, fried and then sliced up thin to lay down the middle of the tortillas. Use your imagination and think of different stuffings, depending on your taste. This combination is just perfect though and the whole dish took about half an hour to prepare and cook! A real flavour sensation.

The tortillas and the fresh fillings

Serves 2

1 onion

300k pork steaks

2 tomatoes

1 avocado

100g of roast peppers

2 tortillas

About a quarter of a lettuce, thinly sliced

Slice the onion into long strips and fry on low for about 20 minutes.

Add the pork steaks to the pan, turn the heat up and brown on one side. Turn over to do the same on the other side and smear a large tsp of mole sauce onto the first side.

Turn over again and spoon a second tsp onto the second side. Turn down the heat and cook for about 10 minutes in the sauce.

Meantime get the rest of your fillings ready by chopping the tomatoes and peppers, slicing the lettuce and mashing the avocado. Place each one in a separate dish.

Build up your tortilla by layering the different ingredients down the middle like in these pictures.

Start layering with the pork, onion and sauce
Next add the peppers, tomato and avo
And finally, the lettuce. Then roll up and tuck in.


This recipe was a real success in my house…and one that’s got to go onto our list of favourites. You’ll love it.


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