Spectacular salad plates at The Kitchen

Today I met my sister, Angie, for lunch – always a pleasure. And she suggested that we went to The Kitchen in Cape Town’s Woodstock. This little eatery is the brainchild of chef Karen Dudley who describes herself as a home cook. She’s written three fabulous books and I’ve made so many of her recipes since I discovered A Week in the Kitchen in 2012. Her salads are nothing short of spectacular so I was excited to sample some in their place of origin.

All the dishes of the day are laid out along the counter and you have to go up and choose your selection. This is no easy matter – there’s a lot of choice! We went for the five-salad plate. You can opt for a three-salad plate, but with so many mouth-watering options that just didn’t seem enough. You can then also add extras for the perfect plate – and those extras are irresistible.

First up cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, aubergine and bulgur wheat salads with extra hummus and falafel.

The Kitchen: Five-salad plate
Hummus and falafel complete the perfect plate

And my selection of cauliflower, cabbage, beetroot, aubergine and potato with extra gammon.

The Kitchen: five-salad plate
My five-salad selection with extra gammon

We arrived early (at noon) and while we were eating our choices, more salads were still appearing from the kitchen. Seriously you have never seen such a stupendous salad choice.

The Kitchen: salad counter
All the salads make for a marvellous display

As well as salads, Karen also sells her legendary Love Sandwiches. Isn’t that name enough to make you want one? They are enormous, filled with all sorts of delightful goodies and made with love, obviously! I am going to have to go back for one – today I was mindful that I was also going out for dinner…you gotta plan ahead to fully enjoy.

The Kitchen: Love sandwiches
Roll up to the Love Sandwich counter

How’s this for a giant latte? Also made with love and one of the best I’ve had in Cape Town. There are also jugs of iced water filled with lemons and mint on the counter for constant refreshment refilling.

The Kitchen: Latte
The creamiest of lattes made with love

Of course I couldn’t resist buying Karen’s latest book – and one for my sister too. And can’t wait to try out some more of her mouthwatering dishes at home.

The Kitchen: Set a Table
Some more cooking inspiration to take home

Today’s price point

A substantial five-salad plate costs R90 (about £4.60).

Add R32 (about £1.60) for extra gammon.

The Kitchen is at 111 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.

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