Review: Meals from Love Yourself delivered to your door

So Lockdown continues. Eagerly listening to Boris on the telly last night I was hoping against hope for some sort of permission to get back to more of a normal (social)  life. Even though logic clearly told me this wasn’t going to happen. And it didn’t. Which I can’t do anything about…so we continue to pretty much stay at home. And cook…

Fortunately I love cooking, from the conception of a dish to the shopping (now mainly online), the preparation and the cooking itself. And of course the eating. But as someone used to going out fairly often cooking something exciting every day can get a little demanding. Well, it’s just not going to happen, let’s be honest.

So I was pleased to hear about Love Yourself who deliver nutritional, balanced meals to your door every day. We’re talking about food for the entire day – which arrive the night before. All beautifully packaged with instructions provided. And no cooking – all you have to do is heat them up in the microwave.

Love Yourself: packaged range
A feast for the eyes from Love Yourself

What’s on the menu

Meals are all calorie controlled, freshly cooked and designed to help you eat healthily and lose weight. They are prepared by a Michelin-trained, professional chef and there are no processed meats, additives or preservatives used. Menus are changed on a weekly basis so you won’t get bored. Choose between a range of diets including Balanced, Vegetarian, Performance, Keto, Gluten free and Pescatarian.

Love Yourself: daily menu
Food is delivered in the evening to enjoy the following day

My daily box included an extremely tasty cheese and bacon frittata, a fresh chicken salad with a zesty dressing, fresh salmon served with sesame seeds and cauliflower and a rich tomato and courgette stew. Plenty for a day’s repast – portions are a good size and dishes are flavoursome and satisfying. And all the effort required from my side – a few minutes in the microwave with hardly any washing up – and no wastage. Plus the added benefit of potential weight loss! Loving Love Yourself.

Menus start at £22 a day. On the Love Yourself  website you’ll also find start up offers and other discounts.


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