Review: It all tastes better with ZeroWater

Today it’s all about that special and vital commodity – water. I grew up on a farm in Zimbabwe where we were totally dependent on the rains coming to ensure a viable crop. And they often didn’t. We’d spend hours looking at the sky willing any potential cloud to burst on our land. When it did rain, boy did we celebrate, often running around madly in it when we were kids. So I totally understand the value of water.

And as I’ve got older medical professionals are telling us we need to drink more and more water to keep healthy. In all honesty I find it hard to keep up – especially in cold weather. And there’s also the massive problem of all that plastic if you only drink bottled water which a lot of people do.

I’ve always been happy drinking London’s tap water and can’t complain in any way. It doesn’t upset me and tastes fine. But when ZeroWater contacted me to test their new water filter I had to give it a try.

The sleek ZeroWater filter and jug

Tap water is often high in chlorine, fluoride and containments and this new filter removes virtually all of these, giving the water more purity and taste. So your drinks will taste better.

And as I’m a proud part of a nation of tea drinkers – we drink an incredible 165 million cups a day in the UK – I’m going to do everything I can to make my tea tastes as good as it possibly can. So  here’s to many more great cuppas.

The Tea Makers of London offer an exciting range of teas to delight

The facts

ZeroWater 12 cup costs £39.99 and includes a water quality reader. Click here to find out more.

It’s National Tea Day on 21 April – but don’t panic if that seems a long way – after all, every day is tea day. Find more tea inspiration by clicking here.

Discover an exciting range of teas to tantalise your taste buds at The Tea Makers of London.

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