Small steps to change the world: Ion8 reusable bottles

I’m very aware of the impact plastic is having on our oceans. And as a result on the health of our planet generally. The statistics are shocking – with a million plastic bottles being bought worldwide every minute and only 9% of plastic ever being recycled. 12 million tonnes of plastic pour into our oceans every year. Can you even visualise that? It seems like a problem too big to tackle. But I believe in baby steps – making small changes in our everyday lives is really the way we can personally try to help.

So no more plastic water bottles for me. I love the new reusable bottles from Ion8 which come in two stunning designs. They remind us of the beauty of our oceans and the magical lives it supports. And Ion8 are donating 25% of all profits from sales to support the Friends of the Earth campaign to end plastic pollution.


Ion8: sunset surfer
The Sunset Surfer depicts human and animal life in our beautiful oceans


Ion8: seal snorkeller
The Seal Snorkeller depicts deep marine scenes of seals and turtles

The facts

The Sunset Surfer Ion8 Friends of the Earth 500ml insulated bottle

The Seal Snorkeller Ion8 Friends of the Earth 500ml insulated bottle

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