Recipe: Is it a frittata? A tortilla? Or an omelette?

So, we needed to come up with a dish to cook for friends who’re eating carb free. Terry had the idea for this and we decided it needed its very own name – so we’ve invented a word. Welcome to our recipe for a delicious fromilla.

It’s kind of a cross between a frittata, omelette and tortilla (okay they are all kind of the same thing…but I felt the need to make up a new word).

It’s a versatile dish that works served pretty much any time of day. Our favourites ¬†are as a tapas course for dinner or for mid-morning brunch, served with a crisp salad. It also tastes delicious cold and would make a great packed lunch or picnic dish.

The fromilla always elicits sighs of delight when it's slid out of the pan
The fromilla always elicits sighs of delight when it’s slid out of the pan

Serves 8

16 eggs, beaten with the milk

100ml milk, beaten with the eggs

1 large onion, finely chopped

200g cheddar cheese, thinly sliced or grated

1 packet of ham, cut into thin strips

1 packet of asparagus tips

3 tsp dried oregano

Fry the onions until softened.

Heat a frying pan on the hob with vegetable oil and make sure the pan is coated thoroughly.

Keep the pan on a low to medium heat. Pour in half the eggs and half the oregano. Layer the fried onions evenly across the egg, then place a layer of cheese. Cook for about 2 mins until the base of the egg starts setting.

Pour the rest of the eggs over as the next layer and sprinkle the rest of the oregano. Allow 1 min to settle. Then layer the asparagus around the edge with the tips pointing into the centre. Place ham strips between the asparagus tips. Turn up the heat to medium and cook for about another 10 to 15 mins until it is almost cooked through but still slightly runny on top.

To finish off, place the frying pan under the grill for approximately 10 mins until the top is firm and browned.

Remove from the oven.

Loosen the edges with a spatula and slide, complete, onto a plate.

Slice and serve.


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  1. Sounds awesome, will give it a go. We have been on LCHF diet ( Food Revolution ) for a while now. Results have been tremendous.

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