Recipe book review: Peter Gordon Everyday

I love Peter Gordon’s inspirational dishes. I went to The Sugar Club many years ago (sadly it no longer exists) for a birthday celebration and everyone on our table of 10 had something amazing to eat. Often called Europe’s father of fusion cuisine, Peter’s from New Zealand and divides his time between there and the UK.

Then I discovered he’s produced several recipe books, the latest being Peter Gordon Everyday. Was I excited when it arrived through my door?? So excited! Such a range of amazing recipes, it’s one of those books you can start at the beginning and work your way through, cooking everything. Here are some of the dishes I’ve already made.

Time to bring some of Peter Gordon's flavours into my kitchen
Time to bring some of Peter Gordon’s flavours into my kitchen

I made this delicate dish using fresh cod. The verjus of basil, chilli, oil, pine nuts and sea salt is beautifully tangy and it goes so well with the light tomato ginger salad.

Baked fish on tomato ginger salad with pine nut sauce

Here’s the wonderful tomato salad. I used basil instead of the mint recommended as I had no mint and thought the basil would go well with the basily sauce with the fish. It certainly did. And I love my new Sunflower plates from so perfect for any summer table.

Juicy tomatoes served with ginger, garlic and basil

I don’t make a lot of pies, but this one was described as being “open-top, like a quiche”, so decided to give it a go. I hit a bit of a snag when I realised, as I was about to cook it, that I didn’t have a tart tin! First rule of cooking, read the recipe properly before you go to the shops. So I had to improvise and cook it in this large roasting dish. Actually, it worked very well. The earthy flavour of the mushrooms combined well with the parsnips, chicken and creamy sauce.

Creamy chicken, mushroom and parsnip pie

This amazing salad has lots of different elements using a range of spices and when you mix everything together it’s totally sublime. I couldn’t find hot-smoked salmon in the supermarket so used kiln-roasted instead and it worked just as well. Pouring the cumin oil over the new potatoes is a genius idea and the sesame seeds add the perfect finishing touch. I’ll definitely make this again.

Hot-smoked salmon, potato and pea salad with tahini yogurt dressing

Peter Gordon Everyday is published by Jacqui Small (@JacquiSmallPub).

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