Recipe book review: Burgers by Paul Gayler

If you like burgers you’re gonna love this book. Burgers by Paul Gayler offers a selection of inspiring recipes for meat, fish and vegetarian burgers plus a lovely selection of creative sides dishes that are perfect accompaniments.

Before I recommend a recipe book, of course I have to test a couple of the dishes. I had high hopes for this one as I already have several of Paul’s books, including one called hot hot hot! cooking with fire and spice which is one of my favourites that I go back to again and again. And I wasn’t disappointed, it’s a really great addition to my shelves. This book takes burgers to another level.

First up, the open-faced Roquefort burger. A clever creation that has a butter made with Roquefort and chives at its centre. Making the butter was fun, mushing everything together and then freezing it in a little parcel. It added an amazingly rich flavour to the burger as well as ensuring it was super moist and juicy.

Bring on the Roquefort burger…tasty cheese adds a new dimension

And here’s the butter.

My little twist of Roquefort butter
My little twist of Roquefort butter

I also made the Bloody Mary burger. A clever idea with ingredients that make it smell just like a Bloody Mary as it cooks.

A Bloody Mary you can eat…yum
A burger-shaped book has got to make you hungry

I also love the fact that the book’s shaped just like a burger. The pages are thick and nicely laminated so you can avoid making a mess of it while you’re cooking, it’s easy to wipe clean. A great idea, as obviously you  need to get your hands dirty when there are burgers to be made.

Next on my list is the jumbo prawn and fish burger with North African spices…now how good does that sound?

Burgers by Paul Gayler costs £9.99. Click here to get it on Amazon.

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