Our return to the Duchess of Wisbeach

We had dinner at the Duchess of Wisbeach last year and loved it, so it was time for a return visit with our friends Trevor and Mandy. They live “on the other side of the mountain” but don’t need much prompting to head for a night out in Sea Point.

It opened in 2009 and is a quirky, trendy, fun and buzzy place packed with stylish local Sea Pointers all chatting away excitedly. Atmospheres don’t get much better than this.

There’s an intimate feel to the place from the moment the barman Jeremy introduces himself to you over your pre-dinner drink, to the friendly waiters and locals who are obviously regulars. There are comfy dog baskets near the kitchen for the owner’s dogs to chill out in and people are even encouraged to bring their own dogs. Each table has a little porcelain dog sitting on it. Perfect for a dog lover like me.

And the food’s really good too, simple top ingredients perfectly cooked.

I couldn’t resist ordering the Avocado Ritz and got even more excited when my plate arrived…a do-it-yourself, deconstructed avo Ritz. Fantastic.

Deconstructed avocado Ritz...novel and yummy
Deconstructed avocado Ritz…novel and yummy

A zesty dish of Norwegian salmon ceviche was the perfect light starter.

Norwegian salmon ceviche in lime juice with Japanese cucumber salsa

There’s always a “fish of the day” dish which tonight was grilled kingklip served with roasted potatoes, tomato and onion salad and bernaise sauce on the side.

Fish dish of the day with fresh kingklip

The Cape Malay curry is made with chicken thighs cooked with tumeric, coriander, cumin, ginger, masala spice and served with basmati rice, tomato, cucumber, onion and coriander sambal and naan bread, accompanied by Mrs Balls chutney.

A satisfying Cape Malay curry

Thinly sliced lamb chops were marinated in balsamic vinegar, rosemary and olive  oil, grilled on an open flame and served with taziki, stuffed roasted tomatoes and rosemary roasted potatoes. They were bursting with flavour and the potatoes were stunning. I love it when something like a roast potato is perfection on the plate.

Simple food cooked well…just lovely

All satisfied with full tummies we retired to the bar for [another] drink. By this stage it was packed (and it’s not that big) and we continued our evening over another bottle of wine. To be honest, it was hard to drag ourselves out of there, it felt like we were part of some exclusive but unpretentious party. The Duchess definitely has to become our regular, too!

The Duchess of Wisbeach is at 3 Wisbeach Road, Sea Point.

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