Obika Mozzarella Bar in lovely Charlotte Street

Today I’m just off Oxford Street in what I think is one of London’s best restaurant streets – Charlotte Street. If you’re visiting London, stay around there and you’ll find somewhere within a few minutes walk to eat every night for at least two weeks. All really good restaurants, too. And amazingly new places continue to open, so you may have to extend your stay to three weeks soon. Any excuse to explore arguably the greatest city in the world.

My latest discovery is the wonderful Obika Mozzarella Bar  and Restaurant. An international restaurant with branches in Italy (Milan, Rome, Florence, Palermo and Naples), the US, Japan and coming soon in Dubai, their Charlotte Street branch opened a couple of months ago and offers traditional Italian handmade products.

A welcoming glass of Prosecco

There’s a lovely bar at the front where you can tuck into different types of mozzarella, made in Campania and flown into London three times a week so you can be sure it’s fresh as fresh. There’s also a tasty menu of Italian delicacies including artichokes, aubergines, bresaola and proscuitto.

The restaurant menu offers a tempting array of starters, salads, pastas and meats. The Crostini Misti starter offered three different toppings on toast. Spicy, spreadable salami mixed with creamy mascarpone, fiocchiona salame, which is a more crumbly type of salame and a rich and earthy porcini mushroom cream. Never has stuff on toast tasted so good.

Some truly amazing toasty morsels

The fresh parpadelle pasta with sausage and tomato ragu was the most perfect pasta dish I’ve had this year. Fresh, flavoursome, al dente pasta coated in a beautifully rich and silken sauce. My mouth’s watering just thinking  about it.

A classic dish perfectly prepared

Autumn is truffle season and these fabulously indulgent treats start popping up on menus everywhere. The risotto was served with black truffles and a rich and creamy Stracciatella di Burrata which is the most precious part of the burrata, its creamy stuffing. Totally amazing.

Indulgent truffly risotto

Obika is a lovely, modern and warm space with friendly, relaxed service where I can imagine myself whiling away many hours. I can certainly imagine eating my way through their entire menu. Charlotte Street has done it again!

Obika is at 11-13 Charlotte Street.

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