My tasty truffle treat

Mention the word truffles (in a chocolatey context) and I immediately feel just a little decadent! These luxury little balls of gorgeousness are always a real treat. And the new Truffes Legendaires from Godiva are not only packed with flavours but with stories, too.

Godiva started making truffles in 1946  with the Truffe Draps (named after its inventor) and through the decades have added to their range like with the Truffe Mathilde, created to celebrate the wedding of Belgian Crown Prince Philippe to Princess Mathilde in 1999. Must be nice to have a truffle named after you (I can dream!).

Here’s a description of the new Truffe Perle Noire to get you salivating: “58% Congolese cocoa dark chocolate ganache with mocha, honey and fruit accents blends perfectly with fruity-floral hints in Tahitian vanilla, surrounded by dark chocolate and rolled in intense black cocoa powder.” Heaven. It’s in honour of Mr Draps.


The beautiful box in its glossy browns and golds makes a delightful gift. And I’m not saying it can’t be a gift to yourself…just find an excuse to celebrate.

Made with love…

You can pick up a supply of truffles when you’re in Covent Garden from Godiva at 17 Russell Street or online at

Beware though, even when you’re shopping online you’ll find the morsels impossible to resist! Going in-store is even more addictive!

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