My holiday year in shoes

Okay, so today’s a day for unusual blogging subjects, but I just couldn’t resist this. I’ve been fortunate enough to have done quite a bit of travelling this year and as it happens, I’ve managed to buy a pair of shoes in every country…plus of course a couple more at home and generally all for bargain prices. I had to share them with you…so here goes.

Buying shoes definitely makes for happier holidays

1. Red “tackies” bought to wear to our Diamond Jubilee street party with blue top and white trousers. £3 from Sainsbury’s. (Patriotic).

2 Blue “jelly” flip flops with jewels, £12 from Tesco. (I splashed out this day, spending £12, obviously).

3. Blue wedges from Phuket, I’d just bought a top this exact colour. £4.

4. Sparkly flip flops from Riccione, Italy, €12. I should have bought three pairs.

5. Pink flip flops with heart detail, about £3 from Cape Town.

6. Mirrored detail flip flops from Cabo de Palos market, Spain, €3.

Oh dear, it looks like I’ve started a tradition! Shoe shops around the world watch out!

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