My favourite recipe book of the year

The Kitchen in Woodstock, Cape Town is run by Karen Dudley and is famous for its love sandwiches and legendary salads. When Michelle Obama was in Cape Town in June 2011, she paid The Kitchen a visit, creating quite a sensation.

Karen’s recipe book A Week in the Kitchen came out in April this year and my friend Jules picked me up a copy and sent it over. The book was photographed over a week, developing in real time and is a fantastic record of the busy eatery as well as being packed with recipes for quite simply sensational salads and more.

I first tried her Coronation Chicken recipe when we had our Diamond Jubilee street party and it went down a storm with all our neighbours. I also recently took it to a braai and it was polished off – one of the guests admitted to having three helpings, that’s how good it is! It’s really easy to do, too, cooking the chicken in lemon juice and olive oil makes it beautifully tender and tasty.

Since then through the summer I’ve tried several different salads and each one has been fabulous. There’s a little bit of effort involved in the chopping but that’s it – you’re guaranteed a hassle-free salad that will stun your guests every time. These are the ones that I’ve tried.

The beautiful colours of beetroot, orange and feta salad
Chinese slaw with the freshest of ingredients and zesty dressing
The best Coronation chicken
Gazpacho salad with all the tastes of gazpacho in the form of a salad
Fusion potatoes with wasabi mayo

If you buy one recipe book this year, it really has to be this one, I have a wealth of new recipes still to try. A Week in the Kitchen is available on Amazon.

The Kitchen is at 111 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.


  1. Hi! This book sounds fabulous, will look out for it! Have you got Sarah Lilford’s cookbook “Down a Dusty road’? About her family. Lilfordia and all the associated great families in Zim, around eating and A great read! She is doing a book signing at the shop nxt week. Let me know if you want a copy. Will get it to C.T.

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