Recipe: My delicious and foolproof three-fish pie

Three fish pie recipe

I’ve been trying to make the perfect fish pie for years now and think I’ve finally done it! Previous results were too dry, too liquid, too bland, you name it – none of them good, at last I’ve cracked it. This recipe is also very easy as you don’t cook any of the pie’s filling beforehand, just layer it all in the dish, cover with mash and hope for the best! Don’t worry, I guarantee you’ll be pleased with the dish.

The smoked peppered mackerel really adds depth of flavour and I think the grated vegetables really bring something extra, too. Plus there’s just the hint of chilli.

The filling for the pie, waiting to be topped with mash.

The ingredients

Serves 6

1.5kg potatoes, peeled

1 heaped tsp hot English mustard

For the filling

300g white fish like hake, cod or haddock, cut into bit-sized chunks

300g salmon, cut into bite-sized chunks

400g smoked peppered mackerel broken into bite-sized chunks

3 carrots, grated

2 celery sticks, grated

150ml double cream

150ml creme fraiche

150g grated cheddar

2 tsps chopped parsley

2 tsps chopped dill

1 tsp chilli flakes

The process

1 Boil the potatoes for about 20 mins. Drain and mash, adding the spoon of English mustard. Set aside.

2 Take all the ingredients for the filling and layer them in an ovenproof dish. Pour over the double cream and creme fraiche, sprinkle over the herbs and chilli flakes.

3 Cover the fish with a thick layer of the mustard mash. I decorate the top using a fork to make patterns.

4 Cook at 180C for about 40 mins or until the pie is bubbling and the top slightly browned. Serve immediately.

Pie waiting to go in the oven

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